Old but good news...

by Pascal Charbonneau

How I managed to not update my website for so long is beyond me.  This is one of those articles I've been wanting to add for ages.  Coming in at number 3 in this article from the Observer is our production of David and Jonathas! 

It's a start!

by Pascal Charbonneau

It's live!  I can't believe it.  I've got a website.  Please have a look around and let me know if you experience any problems.  This is just the beginning, and it's a little bare - but I'm expecting to flesh things out with news, clips, pics and other tidbits in the near future.

David et Jonathas wins an Opera Award

by Pascal Charbonneau

I'm delighted to announce that our recent production of David et Jonathas with Les Arts Florissants has won the Rediscovered Work of the year award.  What an amazing honor - especially considering the incredible productions that were nominated in the same category.

Here's the link